What BARF is about

BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or even Bones and Raw Food.

Take responsibilty for the food your dog eats. Switch to the food he/she was designed to eat.

All the produce that we use is fit for human consumption. We prepare fresh BARF on a weekly basis which means our clients get freshly prepared food.

BARF is not just a single product. It is of the utmost importance to remember that it is in actual fact a programme, which needs the variety to enable the system to absorb the broad spectrum of nutrition needed. Skin, skeleton, health in general does need variety to be really super healthy. This is why it is imperative that the client ensures that a supplier completely understands the needs of dogs also during specific periods in their lives and would be able to guide people correctly.

We are long time successful breeders of Newfoundlands, a member of the giant breed of dogs. While dogs are generally the same, some of our domestic dogs have more specific needs than others. Toy breeds for example mature much sooner than the giant breeds. We realize that certain times in a dog's life calls for certain adaptations in his diet and are able to confidently advise clients with problems.

For consistently excellent quality food - feed your dogs BARF-4-Dogs!

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